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11:56 PM

Free Domain Redirection

Posted by pnoy

I've been practicing for a while with my free domain from co.cc and free hosting at 0fees.net. I was so excited practicing because I am not sure how to use hosting. I am still tying to learn from the hosting site's tutorial and get my memory bank with hosting 101. I am quite interested in getting one as I've mentioned before in my previous blog but I don't want to waste my money for the monthly fee just to slack off especially that my budget is too tight.

So anyways, i got the domain and am glad with it. Then I experimented with the free hosting and how to work with it. I got a blank piece of paper in my right brain with the details on the left. I can't seem to figure out at first how to put it into writing, I mean to realize it. Am glad there's tutorial for it plus the internet, so I did actually search for it. I wanted more ideas. Okay, so I now know how to add the domain. Next thing to do would be the template and pages. It all went fine, until suddenly, the page got redirected to this mybookface thing. Wutdaf***! I waited for the domain to be activated and after a while it would only redirect to another URL which I don't own. Okay, I got nothing to lose anyway, so I deleted it and created another free domain and waited for it again to be active. Again, it does work fine but after adding few posts, it got redirected again! Aaahh, am pissed! This is taking much of my time and effort. I dunno what more to do. Somebody help me! ne1?



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