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4:34 AM

Domain Testing

Posted by pnoy

I had been contemplating on getting a domain. I tried purchasing online but it won't accept my card, dunno why. I don't have funds left as well on my paypal account. I had it transferred to my savings. So I thought of getting a free domain for testing. I am excited to start and I am curious how it works.

I researched online and found out that there's this website called co.cc which is offering free domain and got my free hosting application also approved from 0fees.net. I have already tried the new domain wiredpnoy.co.cc earlier and I am pleased to see the result. It's the same layout with my blogspot address though but at least I can have a personalized domain.

I am sorry if there would be interruptions [feeling pro eh :)] within the next few days but that's only for upto 2days as per the website instructions.

Interested? just click their banner CO.CC:Free Domain and get yourself a new domain for free!



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