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6:35 PM

Samsung M8920 12MP Phone

Posted by pnoy

I know I've been away for almost a month but it's always good to be back. Today, I'm blogging about the Samsung 12MP phone. When it comes to the race of high end phones offering higher megapixels, it's always a headstart for me to look for Sony-Ericsson models. I've blogged about their Satio phone a while back in June so just click on the link in Satio for more details.

It's a good idea that Sony is there to force competition. Because of this, all other big cellphone companies are gearing up to create one of their own to stay at least with the competition based on this criteria. This is promising to those who are looking for the best out of their penny especially these days when finances are too tight. Or at least to those who are into more pixels for a camera, and lets not forget the other high end features to come with it, otherwise it'd be a flop and face early extinction.

I'm featuring the upcoming Samsung 12MP phone which visibly shows the 3x zoom feature of the camera. This would be the successor of the Samsung M8910 Pixon.

There's not much of the specs online so I guess we'll have to wait a little while but it should come sooner. Since February, it was already rumored to be available sometime around the Q3 of this year.

For now, let's be contented of these leaked photo from the web and hope that the high-end specs from it's predecessor come with it like EDGE, GPS, Wi-Fi and knowing Samsung, I assumed HD Video recording would come handy.



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