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3:29 AM

Can You Go Online?

Posted by pnoy

I am a new subscriber to DSL and I am enjoying enjoying it so far, until recently. The connection is so annoying. Blame it on Morakot, he's to blame (is it really a he? so it's real strong, is that right?).

I've read from some blogs that they're experiencing the same. It's good that I can still connect to the internet but it's literally a pain in my ass to wait. I keep on changing my position, going sideways and then on the other side. I have a lot of entrecard drops recently which obliged me to reciprocate. So I had to drop, sit and wait, and stand, and drop, sit and wait..aaahhhh! Glad I was able to beat it and it's quite cooperating. Patience is virtue indeed, try it! ^_^



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