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10:40 AM

Wutta? My Mozilla Got Nowhere To Go!

Posted by pnoy


I am puzzled as to what happened. My Firefox no long have the address bar! I tried checking on "View" from the menu bar but there's no option there for an address bar. I find it strange. Checked on customize under the "Toolbar" menu but there's nothing there either. This is what I have on my screen, see the pic below.

I thought I would check on updates, and there, there's available update to 3.5.2. So I upgraded. I ried removing and installing it again and then updated. Nothing happens. It's still the same. Any help out here??? Please .....

Advance tnx for your suggestions.



Adam Dilip Mutum said...

It seems like you have tried it but try
View > Toolbars> Navigation Toolbar

pnoy said...

Adam: LoL, am blinded by the basics :) tnx tho'

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