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4:37 AM

TOP 10 Hosting Sites - August '09

Posted by pnoy

Which is it?

I was searching for top webhosts and I chance upon this site showing the top 10 on the lists.

[click the image enlarge]

There's another one though, but it's not showing the same results except for the four which seems to be relevant on their standing. Here's the list from the other site:

[click the image enlarge]

There are other results though but I don't think these results are reliable. How they come up with the list or their criteria for the selection is definitely of their own judgment. The list helps though to trim down the choices. It is still better to go to each of their websites to double check. Whoever posted the second one seems to be not doing his/her assignment. As of posting date, the price for fast cow is a mistake. I just visited the fatcow's site and it seems the first one is right.

So before deciding on which to host, make sure you do good on your research, I guess me too. Am hoping to be able to finally settle on a domain soon.



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