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It’s been a grueling week for me looking for some solutions for my computer which is not accepting my password. I have to decide whether to reinstall the OS of my computer just so I can re-use it temporarily or reformat the computer. All the techs I talked to about this problem offered the same suggestions: to reinstall the OS or reformat the whole system. Damn! I can now feel how people are terribly frustrated being not able to get back to their files and back it up, it’s too late to do that.

I decided I would reinstall the OS. During the reinstallation, there was an option there to continue installing on top of the OS installed without erasing the data. For a moment I felt there’s hope for me to recover my files. I did install it successfully entering an administrator password anew. I was able to get access to the hard drive but my files cannot be accessed. It won’t authorize my administrator password because it’s from it would recognize as another user. I was able to install the drivers and other programs and you know what? After installing the drivers, the computer would normally prompt you to restart so I did restart after installing the other programs. The computer restarted and it’s booting to the logon screen now asking for my password. Now what, it won’t accept my new password? The f***! I just went through all the installation process and it’s the second time around rebooting and now it won’t recognize the password which it accepted earlier…damn!

So I went through all the process again. Reinstalled the OS and again, on top of all the other XP Professional that’s been installed, so this makes it the 3rd XP Pro. Did the same process again and installed the drivers. This time around, before I even restarted, I assigned another administrator user so just in case it won’t accept my admin password, there’s another admin logon I could use. As expected, it accepts the password for a few logon but after like 3-4 reboot, it won’t accept the first admin password any longer. So I turned to the other admin. It went well for a few reboots but got the same problem again. Luckily, I decided to turn on the “Guest” account which allowed me access, but still not with my files in there though.



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