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So I decided finally to reformat the whole system, anyway i still won’t be able to access my files even after the OS got installed. I thought it must’ve been because of the previous error that the computer would always turn out the same. I bought a new disc and installed the OS, this time around, I formatted the whole system and created a partition so the OS boots on one drive and my files on the other. I did also created 3 admins, just in case and turned on the “Guest” account. I still encountered the same problem with the password being not accepted but luckily, the other admin got me logged in and I was able to change the password of the other admin. So I got the password changed and when I logged of and switched to the other admin entering the new password, it now allowed me access. Tough XP! I think the new service packs caused it that when something is changed or any new software got installed, it’s gonna mess up the configuration. Am not really too technical so I can’t provide any explanation further how this happened. I am just happy now that I can already use my computer now.



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