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1:14 PM

The Importance of Password-Reset Disc

Posted by pnoy

I was so distressed that my computer failed to log me on. It’s running on Windows XP Pro. I’ve been using it for a long time and got almost all my files on the hard disk. I have no password reset disc either and there was no partition so it’s helpless. It won’t take any of the passwords I can possibly think of.

So I searched for articles online about possibly overriding the password or anything similar. I came across few sites about it including the password article in the support site of Microsoft, followed their recommendations but nothing prevailed. I even chatted online with Microsoft since DELL is of no help. It’s a good thing I have another computer which I seldom use, not that it’s a junkie but it’s thriven by viruses. Thanks to AVG Free Edition, I was able to sort it out. So the computer is now working (must be feeling the attention now, lol) but still am bored, my data files are on the other pc and the game files too.

Am still waiting for a response from some local techs here so I’ll have to put my plans on hold about this pc yet.



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