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9:30 PM

Daylight Saving Time

Posted by pnoy

Photo Credit: timeanddate.com

Every year, we experience a change in time. These impacts our daily transactions from the global perspective down to our household activities. In my country, the Philippines, we don't observe DST, however for the benefit of our friends around the world, they will start turning back the time for an hour, or add but it is different in some other parts of the world.

For most of the countries like some locations in the Russian Federation, Iran, Israel, Gaza and others; they will observe one-hour in advance. Of all countries, Israel got the most complex changes because of the many traditions that has to be observed. I found a certain website which posts some of interesting facts about the DST changes in other countries, please click here.

The current time is displayed here. To those in the US and UK, below is a chart showing the time difference.



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