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4:16 AM


Posted by pnoy

It's finally my day-off! No class, no work only thanks to GOD!

I finally have my rest day after almost a year of trying! If it's not because VL's won't be paid, I am not sure if I can afford myself of a great day like today, I can do whatever I wanted with my time; eat, sleep, internet surfing, computer games, whatever... or go swimming. In fact, I just arrived to reflex my fingers as well.. hmmn... don't ever think of it..lol.

It's been 2- 3 months i guess since the last time i visited Abellana, hehehe... it's cheap there :) After my first 2 laps, I can already feel the strain in my leg.. wtf! I thought I would stop and maybe I had to exercise my muscles for a bit, i decided. There are few girls in the entrance and am not comfortable with my bod right now showing some beer flabs so I thought I'd stay and try some 2-3 laps and if it persists then I would eventually stop.

So there I was, did some 2-3 laps, stopped and tried to check my exercise my leg jumped on the water and then stand up on one foot, right, left and right then I realized I was relieved.

It was just a sore from being absent for so long a time. I was able to comple my regular 20 laps by 50meters, you see, am not really swimming hard but that should be enough for now. One thing I like about swimming is that you don't have to be a pro to reap its benefits, if you can swim then you're good to go. I am not really a pro, not a noob either but I can swim like a pro. Unlike other sports, swimming exercises your whole body with very little joint strain. Swimming is not a good one for those aiming to lose pounds though. You might be burning the same calories in swimming but it's cooling effect does not help. When you are running or cycling, you continually use calorie for as long as 18 hours after the workout because in swimming you don't heat as much as you do when compared to land exercises. This is better explained on the online article "Choosing the Right Exercise" on MERCK.com website.


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