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6:37 AM

What's your take on iPhone 3GS?

Posted by pnoy

This iPhone baby plays 1080p video. Yea, that's 1080p. The guys at endgadget mobile had their chance to experiment on the phone. Check here for the phone specifications. There's a video clip link and link to the chinese forum posts claiming that the phone fared on 30Mbps at 1080p.

Here's the post from endgadgetmobile:

We always suspected the iPhone 3GS was capable of 1080p HD video playback, and now we've got proof. Although Apple lists the iPhone 3Gs's max video playback res at just 640x480, iLounge linked to Chinese forum post claiming that the 3GS could do 30Mbps 1080p playback earlier today -- and when we saw that the only thing we needed to do to test it out was download the free FileAid app, well, you know how we've just spent the last 20 minutes. We tested out a bunch of HD trailers from Apple's QuickTime trailer site, some videos we shot with a Lumix DMC-GH1 and some other random videos with general success, but there were some major hiccups: high bitrate 720p video off the GH1 stuttered during playback, and loading the Avatar trailer consistently crashed the phone's audio driver until we restarted. We tried the same thing on an iPhone 3G and just got error messages at almost every resolution, so it seems like it's a combination of the 3GS's extra horsepower and different built-in software at work here -- software that's clearly not ready for prime-time, as evidenced by the bugs. We're hoping Apple is polishing that up and getting ready to unlock this functionality, since it'd be sweet to just plug into an HDTV and play video.

So what's with 1080p anyway? Check it out here. Imagine your phone playing a movie like you're watching from HDTV. This is just great and handy specially if you're on a trek, camping maybe, far from home and yet you can enjoy watching great videos. You can only wish you'd get strong signal. But yea, where can you source out videos? Sure thing is, you're gonna spend a lot from iTunes for downloads, add that to the would-be tag. For more specs, click here.

Photos taken from Apple iPhone site.



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