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1:03 AM

Naruto Manga 436 - "PEACE"

Posted by pnoy

In the previous chapter, Pain captured Naruto and is now under his control. Naruto got stucked with Pain's power that he's not even able to defend the old toad.

Both have something in common. They both want peace. But Pain's way of achieving peace is far more complicated and delusional. He wanted to gather the Kyuubi's Power in order to gain control of the disastrous power far beyond imagination.

As he goes on with his rants, it was revealed to Naruto how he came up with his idea of achieving peace. How in the world would someone build peace through chaos and destruction?

His way of achieving means a lot of sacrifices in order to annihilate the opposing force, thereby achieving peace, in a sense that no one would ever dare to oppose him who would bear the ultimate power, with his belief that all the wounds would eventually heal in time. Peace out of revenge, revenge for his people and homeland, being always in the center of war from opposing nations thereby turning his home into a wasteland bearing the curse of war.

While Naruto keeps Pain's attention at his rants, Inoichi has come up with a plan to look for the one controlling the Pain confronting Naruto. He is convinced that these are just puppets being controlled by someone nearby through the chakra flowing through the chakra transmitters in their body. Inoichi's telephatic ability convinced him that another Akatsuki is in control in a not so distant location. True enough, at the end you will see that Nagato is there channeling his chakra and as if he is speaking to Naruto through Pain in the battlefield.

In the next episode, would it turn out Nagato is the real Pain? Let's all find out next week!


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