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3:58 AM

Gizmo5 Acquired by Google

Posted by pnoy

If you are familiar with skype, chances are you also have an account with gizmo5 or if none there's not much difference between the two.

Gizmo5 functions like skype, an online phone company but Gizmo5 is based on protocols and compared to skype, it doesn't have lot's of users. For like $6 a month, residential Gizmo5 users got 300 outbound calling minutes a month anywhere in the United States, unlimited incoming calls to their computers just like how skype functions or even home phones.

Now that Google already acquired Gitmo5, imagine how the next telephony system could work. This is interesting. With google's ambitious android phones and lot's of google apps, it won't be long that google would become another phone carrier the soonest. This is interesting, I will try to look for more related stories and will post it here.



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