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The GOP is now on a hard stance to keep fighting for the Senate seat in Minnesota. If all else fails, and with single vote from a moderate Republican in the Senate, it's definitely an ultimate democratic rule in the Obama administration.

Democratic Senatorial candidate Al Franken currently leads Republican Norm Coleman in the counting and shows no sign of ending, as of the moment, which is perfectly how GOP would want it to happen. News are out that the NRSC held a fundraiser for Coleman to help him raise the money in order to sustain the momentum.

No matter what it takes, how long the battle could possibly be extended, the GOP would fight 'til the end. They wouldn't want it that the Dems would have total control of the Senate as well, leaving them useless in the end and with Pres. Obama's change in tune about bipartisan policies, they would eventually turn out as simply an opposition without force. Check and balance wouldn't matter in the Obama administration since it is clear that they are wanting to get rid of the GOP in the table as much as possible.

On the other hand, it would still be good to let the voice of the GOP be heard considering their stand on issues, after all you can never paint the map entirely blue.


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